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Restoration Service

LuxAuto has over 15 years of experience in vintage cars restoration. We have experience in working with different types of oldtimer cars, each our new project is unique and we outline our project with love and precision.


Oldtimers restoration process

Our approach is to restore initial retro car built, which mean that we study each detail of the car and save all its historical detailing as well as increasing it value. We are working with Classic Soviet and European cars. You may find different examples of restoration works. Basic Vehicle Restoration process, may be outline in the following stages:

  • - Dismantling
  • - Removal of old paint, cleaning body
  • - Purchase / manufacture / repair of body parts
  • - Restoration of the frame and chassis
  • - Paint work
  • - Engine repair
  • - Chrome
  • - Interior restoration
  • - Renovation of the wooden decking
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Restored Oldtimers

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